PTV should broadcast English premier league.

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I have created this petition because of the misuse of TV rights by PTV, or Dr Nouman NIaz who is a major influence on deciding what runs on PTV or not. I'm sorry to say this, but DR Nouman is a huge liar, or probably he doesn't know what goes around on his own channel. He said that PTV doesn't have the rights to broadcast the English Premier League. which is is blatant lie, because according to EPL's official website EPL will be broadcasted in Pakistan by two channels, Star India and PTV. 

This is a request to whom ever it would concern PEMRA, Government of Pakistan that please kill this monopoly of PTV. If they they don't have enough air time let other channels kick in and step up, they don't let other channels step in and  let them buy rights, they being a state sponsored channel buy all the rights and other channels are left with almost zero content, either make a new channel, not a dedicated but a new channel that will mostly broadcast EPL, or atleast live matches of football. 

It's not only about Cricket PTV is so mismanaged that they show HIGHLIGHTS of football games DURING LIVE football games. 

Please give us football in Pakistan, people like Dr Nouman RIaz are the reason football isn't given any attention to.