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Restricting organizations to fund Pakistani Media outlets and journalists

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As we all know that Pakistani private media outlets, specially TV channels deliberately promote one issue and ignore more important issues as a planned strategy. We all witnessed that media gives full attention to those issues that defame Pakistan like irrelevant exaggeration of misuse of blasphemy law while completely ignoring Rohingya prosecution in Burma.


it is a common thought that Pakistani TV channels and other media outlets get heavy funding by USAID therefore they do not want to show anything that can displease US and its allies.


Recently Usman Pirzada (famous TV star who is one of the heads of Rafi Peer Theater Lahore), mentioned in a TV interview that Rafi Peer's news conference was not telecast on any channel and when he talked to some journalists then he was told that some channels are getting USAID funding therefore they can not run anything against US on their TV channel.


Link: (1:55 onwards) 

Full program link:


I request PEMRA and government of Pakistan to prepare a regulation instructing all media outlets in the country; including but not limited to TV channels, News papers, Radio Channels and current affair magazines; to declare their financial audit report to the public through their website so that we all can see who is really funding which channel.


I also request PEMRA and government of Pakistan to prepare a law that instructs all journalists, TV anchors of political talk shows, TV and media outlet owners to makes their tax returns public through a centralized web site.


Also PEMRA and government should prepare a law that restricts an organization to invest in a media outlet that may lead to any biased reporting. An investor should be allowed to: 

* Sponsor a time slot and show their own program. During this time slot, sponsor logo should always be sown in the screen mentioning that this complete program is paid by an organization. 

* Commercials


An organization should be prohibited to: 

* Sponsor a program or talk show without their logo 

* Pay salary of any journalist, presenter, anchor or anyone in management


In addition to that all share holder organizations of a media outlet should be mentioned on the first page of the web site.

I would request to Judiciary and Government to please act on it so that we have an unbiased media.

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