All Pakistani Morning Shows and Game Shows should be ban in Ramadan

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Pakistani Media shows vulgar morning shows and game shows on regular basis, That will be continued in Ramadan with little bit change of dresses but vulgarity remain same. After aftaar every Muslim should be prepare for Traweeh and spend their time in mosques but these stupid shows are taking all our precious time. They shows different recipes that make our women to spend their most of the time in kitchen. Media is playing major role just to deviate all Muslims from their Islamic belief. Those fashionable celebrities who's mission is to show off their dresses, will start taking dupattas in order to pretend that they are also Muslim. A Muslim Women has to cover her head in Ramadan only??? I request to PEMRA that "Please being a Muslim country and having authority to control these vulgarities" they must take action if they think they are true muslims, PEMRA should fulfill their responsibility being MUSLIM. If their IMAAN is still ALive.