Cashpoint on Fishguard Square?

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Now all the banks have closed there is no longer a cash point on Fishguard Square. This has an impact on all the businesses in and around the square and means everyone having to go up to coop or down to the post office to the nearest points. This may not seem like much but if you are someone who doesn't drive plus struggles to walk, getting off the bus on the edge of town and having to then walk all the way up can be  difficult if not impossible. Also tourists coming in to the town don't have easy access to a cash point and so therefore can't shop, eat or drink in the establishments in the vicinity unless they spend over the required amount. This is at best inconvenient, at worst another stumbling block for those businesses doing their best to survive in what appears a dying town. Being the focal point of the town, we believe there should be a cashpoint on the square and hope this petition can help made this happen