Peloton, bring back the scenic rides with the leaderboard!

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  1. Recently Peloton Interactive has decided to remove the vast majority of their scenic rides and runs, along with the leaderboard that accompanied them from their platform. This is, and I quote from an email, “ provide a noncompetitive workout experience for Members during Scenic classes.” Interestingly enough, the leaderboard had the capability of being hidden by each user to create as competitive/noncompetitive of an environment desired.
  2. A lot of people bought their Peloton solely based on the scenic ride with leaderboard feature. Many pelotoners used this feature as motivation, rather than competition, to improve upon ourselves. A significant number of people bought the $2000+ bike/bike+ and/or tread/tread + solely based on this unique feature. And we are not happy with this new limitation. I am here to rally the pelo-troops and get them to bring back the leaderboard with more scenic run/ride options. Who’s with me!