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Say NO to Short Term Rental Properties in the Lookout Subdivision!

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The Residents of Lookout do NOT want to permit Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) within the Lookout "Low Density" subdivision. The Towns Secondary Plan and R1 Zoning by-law currently do not permit this use and we want council and staff to ensure these establishments are not permitted.

Residents currently have significant Safety and property value concerns. We have experienced guest opening doors and walking into the wrong homes, knocking on the doors of wrong homes late at night, drug transactions, party houses with late night parties, parking issues, children witnessing these activities, vandalism and absentee landlords. We have families who are simply afraid to enjoy their own yards because of the unknown transient nature of these guests and experiences they have already had with 4 of these STVR properties. The investor/owners who don't reside at their properties are not accessible, do not maintain their properties and are unwilling to share the cost of a fence. This is simply not the family dream the town presented in their secondary plan and residents feel like hostages within their homes. We have already had neighbours sell their homes and move elsewhere as a result of these properties and others who have lowered their sale price by over $120,000 and are still unable to sell. Buyers have approached residents asking if there are any Airbnb's in the neighbourhood and promptly move on when they find out. These homes represent the single largest purchase of our lives at values from $500,000 to over $1.1 million, while guests staying at these homes are paying as little as $43 for a room per night or $200 for a 5 bedroom home per night. No one knows who is next door and no one is accountable for their actions.

Town of Pelham Staff intend to recommend licensing for these properties in the hopes to generate revenue as well as increase their property taxes. The Town admits they don't have the resources to enforce their current by-laws, so how do they intend to monitor and enforce an entirely new industry of their creation. They want to trade off our residential communities to generate revenue. 

The Lookout subdivision is not "Open for Business". Our community is a place where our families and children should feel safe playing in their yard let alone going to the mailbox or park. We want to keep the promise of a low-density residential community where we can enjoy and build relationships of trust and security with our neighbours, NOT a Hotel district.

VOTE NO to permitting these establishments in the Lookout Subdivision! and say YES to the families in our community!