Stop TOSH construction while students are still attending school

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Many students from Three Oaks Senior High School are aware and concerned about how unsafe Three Oaks Senior High School has become since the school’s construction started 

Over 50 students have reported a variety of health issues they’ve been experiencing since the construction started: chronic coughing, nausea, constant headaches, breathing issues, migraines, sore chest, sick stomach fainting or feeling faint. Some of these symptoms are consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning, which is not being tested for during air quality tests. These students have gotten inhalers and other medications but nothing has helped. Students who have already graduated TOSH last year say that their symptoms have not yet gone away. 

There have also been incidents where debris and dust has fallen from the ceiling and electrical wires have been left exposed. One student had a wall, that was not properly screwed in, fall on her leg, fracturing it. Construction crews working at Three Oaks High School also breached protocol three times during the removal of lead paint and asbestos ceiling tiles, but the education department said that exposure and risk to students and staff was low at this time. Low risk is not no risk. This breach should have never occurred, period. Construction workers should never have been so careless.

Students, and parents voices are also not being heard. Students have reported that after they voiced their health concerns to the principal they were told that they were trouble makers who simply “wanted to get out of class.” Another student was reportedly told that they could switch schools if they were having issues.

Our health and safety is not optional and certainly should not be a liability to this school’s construction project. This petition aims at ending the construction at TOSH while students are at school as it has been made clear that this careless construction is putting our health and safety in potentially grave danger as more students become sicker and sicker.

How many more students will have to get severely sick before something is done about this issue? 100? 500? Will a student have to die before the Public Schools Branch and Three Oaks Senior High School puts a stop to this?

Enough is enough.