Walmart Policy Change Forcing Many Disabled and Senior Workers Out of Their Jobs

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A recent change by Walmart Corporation is eliminating the position of store greeters at stores across the country. The job title is being changed to customer hosts. However the new job has physical requirements that most former greeters will not be able to do physically, such as climb ladders, stand all day on their feet, and lift heavy objects. Many people in those positions are either seniors and/or disabled workers who were originally hired with Walmart's full knowledge of their limitations. They are being told they can apply for other positions within the company, but those positions all have similar physical requirements. An example of the disabilities would be cerebral palsy and Williams Syndrome, the latter of which affects depth perception. Most of these employees have been with Walmart for a long time and we believe that this policy change is unfair and unethical and goes against Walmart's own policy of not discriminating against seniors and the disabled. At the very least, existing employees should be grandfathered in or Walmart should reverse this decision. #savethegreeters #peoplenotprofits #walmart #nathanjoerndt #nathanstrong #adamcatlin #mitchellhartzell #jessicaculberth #jaymelton