Peet's Coffee Must Respond to COVID-19

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As loyal employees of Peet’s Coffee, we are seeking your support to formally condemn the company's decision to remain open in the face of the rapidly-spreading novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The threat of COVID-19 is undeniable. On Monday, March 16, six Bay Area counties (Alameda county, included) took unprecedented action to slow the spread of the virus. Beginning at 12:00am on Tuesday, March 17th, the Bay Area fell under a shelter-in-place order that restricted all "non-essential" movement and activity until at least April 7th.

Despite the clear sense of urgency from our leaders in government, Peet's has chosen to blatantly disregard their mandate. Worse still, by refusing to close its doors and protect its customers and employees, Peet's directly contradicts its own core value: “the only thing we love more than coffee is our people." 

We have been presented with a grossly unjust choice: we must either abstain from work and sacrifice sick hours that we may not have or risk our health and the health of others in order to earn a paycheck.

Sign to reject this blatant effort to profit amid a pandemic. It's a reckless and cruel decision that places loyal team members and customers at risk. Peet's Coffee claims to "love" its "people"— now, we want them to prove it. 

Peet's must close its doors and provide its workers with sick leave NOW.