Peer Power Participate in an Investigation For a New Trial for Marsha King

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Marsha King, a Mother of One and Aspiring Federal Defense Attorney was a convicted in 2015 on the false testimony of her sister, Meah King, school teacher at East High School and teacher support for Peer Power after school program Meah King testified during the criminal trial in July of 2015 in  the Eastern District of Virginia of Norfolk ,Va.Meah King  that she kept binder of "scholar applications" that East High School students completed during Registration for Peer Power that included their name, social security number and date of birth at her home at the request of Peer Power organization for safe keeping.Meah King claimed Marsha King stole the binders from her home and used the students names and social security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns in the year of 2011 and 2012. The biggest problem with this theory is the United States Government or the IRS Special Agent Andrew Bowers never spoke with Bill Scherdt or Mr. McVean to confirm that their was a breach in  security with peer power students information. A representative from Peer Power never testified at the trial to corroborate or dispute this testimony  by Meah King nor have been interviewed by the United States Assistant Joe Kowsky or IRS Special Agent Andrew Bowers to date . Meah King was the ONLY federal government witness in this case In 2017, two years after Marsha King's criminal trial, Yuri Branch, the former coordinator of Peer Power advised Marsha King that Peer Power was not aware of her Federal criminal conviction nor was Peer Power aware that there was ever a federal investigation. In addition, it has been verified by Yuri Branch and students who participated in  Peer Power that students were never required to include a social security number to complete a scholar application during Registration . Based on this new information, Marsha filed a Motion for a New Trial in the Eastern District Federal Court in Norfolk Va in the honorable Judge Raymond Jackson court room. She also forward a letter along with the indictment in which Meah King testified, an interview between Special Agent Andrew Bowers and Meah King,  the trial transcripts, and her Pending Motion for a New Trial to Peer Power addressed to Bill Sehnerd and Mr. Charlie McVenn as well as an email to Courtney Richardson requesting their assistance and to date their has been no response.Peer Power is built on the foundation that we are suppose to help each other to succeed but yet they are not following their own values in helping Marsha King that is serving a federal sentence for a crime that she did not commit. I am asking everyone to please sign this Petition to Ask Peer Power to Voluntarily Participate in the Investigation by calling the Assistant US Attorney Jospeh Kosky Office in Norfolk, Virginia and give the needed information so Marsha can obtain a New Trial and I am also asking everyone to write Peer Power Attention to Bill Schnert and Charlie McVean 850 Ridge Lake Boulevard Suite 1 Memphis, Tennessee 38120 or call Peer Power at 901-761-8463 to encourage them to contact U.S. Assistant Attorney Joseph Kowsky at 757-441-6331 101 West Main Street Suite 8000 Norfolk, Va 23510.

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