Ban bullfighting in Spain - Fermiamo le corride in Spagna

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In Spain, bulls are being systematically abused, tortured and murdered by matadors or bullfighters. The prime areas where bull killing is taking place is in areas of Madrid, Castilla la Mancha, Extremadura and Andalusia.

Bullfighting as practiced today involves three bullfighters (each kills two bulls) and six assistants: two lancers mounted on horseback, three flagmen and a sword page. Jointly they encompass a so called entourage that pointlessly and cruelly torment, mistreat and kill the bulls one after the other in the name of entertainment.

The bull endures a brutal, cruel, slow and painful death.

The launcers plung sharp harpoon-like barbed instruments into their bodies. The bull`s bodies are punctured and they always vomit blood. Bulls seem aggressive animals when they are in the bullring. This is because they have been horrendously abused and kept in a dark box for the previous two days.

When the box is opened bulls run desperately towards the light but they find murderers and a jeering mob instead. In fact, at this point it is weakened, disoriented, half-blinded and mentally destroyed.

It has wet newspapers stuffed into his ears; Vaseline rubbed into its eyes to blur his vision; cotton stuffed up his nostrils to cut off his respiration and a needle stuck into its genitals.

Also, a strong caustic solution is rubbed onto his legs which throws him off balance and keeps him from lying down on the ground. Also, bulls are drugged and strong laxatives are added to his food to further incapacitate him.

They are dragged around the bullring attached to an apparatus made of chains and wood, meanwhile the mob jeers him. Then, they are brutally slaughtered and skinned, some times still conscious, with an ax.

Bullfighting is extensively criticized by most Spaniards as a pointless and cruel, bloody, barbaric act, because they believe that animals should not be tormented, killed or mistreated in the name of entertainment. However many powerful politicians, aristocrats, bullbreeders and illiterates either live on or collect important taxes on this brutal spectacle.

Many tourists who visit Spain feel that seeing a bullfight is a necessary part of their holiday and contribute to increase the incomes of the Ministry of Finance that has published that bullfighting represents a 12% of the national economy. This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to end up with this sickening slaughter.

Bullfighting is banned in many countries; people taking part in such activity would be liable for terms of imprisonment for animal cruelty.

In Spain, national laws against cruelty to animals have abolished some archaic spectacles of animal cruelty, but not bullfighting. It is understandable that these people want to earn their living but killing them is not the answer.

It is a matter of time that this abomination is ended and bulls are allowed to live their lives in peace.

What AnimalsTrust NPO is asking to Spanish Government:

1. We want the Spanish Government to interfere and create effective and strict laws to protect the bulls lives.

2. Bullfighting must be banned in Spain.

3. Awareness banners and posters about the Bulls need to be put up in every possible areas around Spain, where the killing is on the highest range.

When a country treats animals with such brutality, killing and slaughtering them, we want to tell them, we are watching and we won't just sit and do nothing about it.

We'll fight till we'll reach our aim!

Yes, we Can save them, but only All together! Thank you.

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