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Better Employee and Dependent Covered Insurance with American Airlines and Envoy Airways.

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My husband has worked for American Airlines (now ENVOY) for over 20 years. The insurance which used to be great previous bankruptcy is now horrible post bankruptcy. I have cancer, being the spouse of a veteran employee of over 20 years  I see specialists for all my care. The deductibles are outrageous and the organization between me now being disabled and the BCBS PPO policy that is suppose to be my secondary will not cover anything ( double mastectomy), and other major procedures due to the disorganization and lack of knowledge  of knowing how to work with in the medicare insurance laws. I have been at this since July 22 and to no avail - the combination of now 3 companies since the merger with US air - No one will fix the insurance problems nor address any of these issues. My problem is bigger than just my issues. Since Obama care came out the insurance benefits are awful and not what a billion dollar industry company should represent to its employees and staff. The options are limited and all carry high deductible plans all due to cost. I ask that you take care of your seasoned employees and retain the good ones. with Better insurance and pension plans back post bankruptcy. 

What needs to happen is American as the parent company should provide and pay for major medical and better optional care that is more effected for all its employees and their families that are faced with such major life events such as mine with the costs of cancer and specifically not being able to even use any of the insurance because the company (Envoy) will not set it up correctly in the system as secondary insurance, Medicare being my primary. 

If we gain better insurance through the parent company that includes all the American Airlines Employees, their will be a better retention rate and a better moral system. Show you care for your employees. Especially the forgotten Envoy since the merger. All Aircraft mechanics with AA received an 12% raise, however Envoy was not included. This was mainly due to the union and their decisions. The battle I am fighting today is insurance. Be the company you say you want to be and take care of those employees that have been loyal and retained for longevity. It has been our lives and continues to be. Great insurance is the least the company can offer after all the layoffs, moves, mechanics outsourcing, etc. Start doing the right thing and offer Great insurance. 

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