Pedophile networks in INSTAGRAM

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Some of us have been reporting pedophile profiles on Instagram, but apparently they are not infringing the community rules.  Sexualized pictures of under aged boys are hidden under apparent child modeling profiles.  Reading the comments we understood that this was some serious issue, where grown men were commenting very sexual responses and referring to "TRADING" via DM.

According to the information gathered, Instagram is being used as a showcase for child prostitution and pedophile networking.  The more you dig in the darker it gets, we saw 8 year olds dancing like Cam Girls, pictures of boys in four legged positions, its all pretty disturbing. 

"Free trading, young and little angels"

There’s an easy pattern to make an algorithm to follow and flag just like they do with adult consented nudity, please sign our petition to make INSTAGRAM stop child pornography in their platform.