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Kali's Fight! - Raising Awareness from Pedi Physicians of the Seriousness of Infant Reflux

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In memory of Kali, the infant whose passing inspired this petition.

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This petition is started by parents whose babies are currently, and have been, suffering from infant reflux.

Uncontrolled reflux can cause:

Aspiration and death by pneumonia/infection
Apnea (death by suffocation)
ALTE or BRUE (apparent life threatening event, also referred to as brief resolved unexplained events)
FTT - Failure to thrive
Feeding aversion (leading to FTT and dehydration)
Lifelong scarring of the esophagus
Dental decay and erosion
Recurrent sinus and ear, nose, throat and chest infections
Developmental delay
Seizures (Sandifer’s Syndome)
Loss to quality of life to the child and family
Parental mental health issues (PTSD, PPD, anxiety, etc)

We need pediatricians that actually listen to parents and are aware they are only seeing baby for a 15 minute visit in a 24 hour period. They need to be up to date on the current research and medication protocols. No baby should have to suffer or lose their life due to this awful condition.

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 This petition is started by parents whose babies are suffering, often in silence, with infant reflux. The condition is extremely serious and, due to the airway risks posed by constant material coming up into the esophagus, babies are at risk of choking and compromising their airway. This risk increases in the middle of the night and sadly for many infants they lose their fight. Kali and thousands of others could have been spared if pediatric physicians and medical professionals paid attention to early warning signs given by parents that reflux was causing potentially lethal airway issues. Infant reflux is an incredibly complex condition that sadly very few pediatric physicians understand enough to provide critical care just in time for infants that need it so desperately. We ask that when physicians have families coming into their offices with reflux babies that they take a few extra minutes with this appointment, ask the very important questions (like those about choking and airway compromise), and most importantly know that this appointment could be the one that saves a baby's life. Our babies are counting on you to stay abreast of the latest research and options for babies with infant reflux and to take their cases seriously.


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