Fee system of PEC management

Fee system of PEC management

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clay mathew started this petition to PEC management and

This message is to draw your attention over unfair fee system of Panimalar Engineering College.

fIt is a standard procedure to issue the proper  detailed fee structure, so that students/parents can verify it and pay their respective fee. They mention Tuition fee, Transport fee, Canteen/Mess fee in detail in their circular & fee receipts.

But on the other hand, Panimalar Engineering College doesn't follow  proper fee structure. They simply ask the students to pay a large sum of money for particular term. They don't mention proper Tuition fee, Transport & Mess fee in detail. Panimalar Engineering College isn't following proper transparency.

Students are being denied of knowing what is the actual fee structure. Students are being forced to pay lump sum amount of money as their fee without any proper fee structure. There is no right to information for the students who are pursuing degree in Panimalar Engineering College. This is a very serious issue.

Students stated that,
Before Pandemic, the college has requested them to pay,

Rs. 60,000/- (for Government Quota)
Rs. 1,40,000/- (for Management Quota)

There was no proper fee structure followed. They simply used to ask the students to pay like this. No proper circular regarding detailed fee structure issued and no G.O is not provided by the Tamil Nadu government. The management is literally scamming us. 

But even during worst condition of Pandemic Panimalar Engineering College making the students to pay full fee.

Rs. 1,40,000/- (Management Quota)
Rs. 60,000/- (Government quota)

If the students ask them about this, the college management replied that they're asking them to pay only tuition fee. Since there is no proper fee structure followed the students were unable to ask for fee concession.

• They are not reveling fee structure
• Asking students to pay the fee which is equal to full term fee (which includes Bus & Mess fee also)
• No fee concession
• If students/parents asked about this they reply that "its just tution fee according to the new GO rule passed just for 10 colleges"

How could this be right the GO is a rule that is ordered to every college(affiliated to anna university)

This is really unfair. The college management is expecting the students to pay the full fee even in serious pandemic condition. They really don't care about their financial condition, they don't care about students who pay through educational loan, students with poor financial condition.

There is no justice for students studying in Panimalar Engineering College. Please share this message as much as possible till they get justice

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