Bring back past timeline on Pebble watches!

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The past timeline had many uses, but in OS 4.0 they removed it. Some uses were: 

1) Quickly viewing missed calls

2) Storing timestamp information (app, "Timestamp")

3) Checking on recent news events

4) Checking on game scores of a game which just ended

5) Keeping an automated log of events which happened

(such as during testing at work)

6) Quickly checking on meetings you may have missed

7) Checking on Sunrise time

8) Server outage notifications

9) Daily server stats pin

10) Purchase notifications

11) Seeing which "Habits" I've missed and need to complete

12) Seeing when my Smart Alarm went off

13) Checking notifications from other apps

14) Checking notes left to yourself ("Note To Self")

15) Use with the app "Timeline Tag"

16) Use with the app "8-A-Day"

17) Use with the app "The Day Today"

18) Use with the app "Feed My Timeline"

19) Use with the app "The Day today"

20) Use with the apps "Boopy" and "Watchie-Talkie"

21) Without the past, there's no place to see "all day" calendar entries!

22) Dropping GPS pins with "Get Back To"


And many others. Please sign to bring the timeline back

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