Pearson Vue needs to change the unreasonable policy regarding acceptable form of ID

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PTE Academic has become an accomplice in Home Office’s Hostile policy towards applicants:

A friend of mine made an application to stay in UK with her husband and three children. For the application she needs to send an English proficiency test result to the Home Office along with other relevant documents. She is a continuing applicant with Home Office, therefore, her passport and BRP card are already with UKV&I (Official name of UK Border Agency). She booked a PTE Academic test online, paying the appropriate fees. When she went to check the Acceptable ID link, she found out that PTE has stopped accepting UK Driving License as a form of ID. Because she has an alternate ID in her driving license, which is an acceptable and valid form of ID everywhere in UK, she was least concerned regarding the ID issue. Unfortunately, she now finds out that Pearson Vue has adopted the policy of only accepting Passport or BRP card as a valid form of ID, both of which are usually sent out to Home Office, when an application is made. Funny enough, the third and final option is EU Nationals card. EU Nationals do not usually need to make Home Office applications containing an English proficiency certificate. Therefore, many of the applicants and test takers with PTE, sitting from UK are facing a discriminatory constraint in the process of obtaining English proficiency Certificate from PTE. Particularly individuals whose applications are already under process with UKV&I won't be allowed to sit, just because the prescribed form of ID being unavailable and Driving licence not being acceptable as a valid ID.

The objective of a proficiency test should be to test an individual’s linguistic skills, the focus on a specific type of ID should not be a priority here. When PTE decides to unreasonably reject driving license as a valid ID, it raises questions whether the policy is to facilitate an individual’s procedural requirements or is it to actually constrain the continuing applicants down to their knees by making the process complicated. Many people had to leave UK through the last few years for not being able to obtain their English proficiency certificate due to lack of ID documents while making a fresh application to home office after having a first application being delayed or rejected.

The idea is that an ID should be used to identify the test taker as an individual and it should have enough information that helps to determine that the person attending the test centre is the same person that has booked the exam.

To put it in a nutshell, individuals who have applied for any visa category will generally not have their passport and BRP cards at hand (as it’s a mandatory requirement to send them to UKV&I) and in the circumstance, people who choose PTE as an English proficiency exam, will not be allowed to sit as PTE has unreasonably decided to accept Passport and BRP cards but not accept driving license as a valid form of ID.

There has been numerous circumstances where Home Office holds the application for a year / year and a half without giving any results, then ask for an updated English proficiency result as the previous one has already expired. In which case, the passport and BRP card will already be with the Home Office. Now, if the English proficiency test providers do not accept any other ID except for these two, then is it not a way of limiting the options of migrants only making matters difficult for them?

Home Office policies have recently come under strong criticism for being discriminatory and hostile towards the applicants. Has PTE become an accomplice in the process of tightening UKBA's ropes?

Prearson Vue needs to review and change this harsh and unreasonable policy to make the test accessible for all people who need to take the test.