Justice at Pearson College

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Dear all those associated with Pearson College past and present:

There have been many instances throughout the College's history, recent and not, that have been problematic. In recent times specifically, Pearson College's administration has made several problematic decisions that us as community members are not happy with. We are disappointed and angry, and we as community members are asking for a change. 

One of the issues that has taken place recently was the sudden dismissal of a very important staff member, though he was undoubtedly more than that. Clint Kuzio was an amazing support for all community members, and specifically an advocate for those without a voice on campus. As the College's only indigenous staff member, he also represented something important to us all as community members and students. He was the only staff member teaching us actively about Canada's history of violence and racism, and the sole staff member specifically pursuing reconciliation within the college. He has been let go. The administrations motivations can only be speculated at this point, but they have been mostly silent, other than small, disingenuous emails on a couple occasions. 

No explanation, no attempt to be truthful. Just silence. 

We cannot allow this to keep happening. We as community members deserve genuine responses from administration, genuine attempts to do better.

We need to show them that they cannot get away with this behaviour. 

Hopefully together through this petition, we can get some answers, show them how much we care, and make Pearson College a better place. 

If you sign this petition, we have more of a chance of a response. 

If you have any questions, contact me at kregenvanu44@pearsoncollege.ca . I would be happy to clear up any questions. 

Note: Please be aware Clint had nothing to do with this petition.