Rollback the patch with the modified game mechanics.

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Hello everybody! My name is Daniil. I play Black Desert online for two years on the Russian official server the localizer by Game Net.

I want to apply to all players and developers.

As you already know in our game on May 10, 2018 a global re-balance was introduced in Russia, which caused a huge dissonance in the gaming community, because PVP mechanics and many others were radically changed.
Opinions divided, but the overwhelming majority of this rebalance strongly disliked, because in the BDO before the global rebalance was a unique PVP mechanics. It was based on the super armor and forward guard, invincible, so the fighting was dynamic interesting and made the player think, show a quick reaction, make complex decisions and deeply explore the characteristics of his class and others.

The rebalance built on resistors is already known, because this system was invented and implemented in many other games in the past. The new mechanics in BDO do not reveal the potential of all classes. Many classes are "killed". Before, there was a huge range of skills in combat, it was necessary to choose competently the position of your character in relation to other players.  There was an opportunity to enter the battle and immediately leave it.

Now PVP will depend on the random operation of resistors, not on the player's skill. Originally, the mechanics were unusual and for this we fell in love with the game. If you also agree with me in this situation and can not stay away and watch how your project die, to which you gave your time and much more, then sign the petition.