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Vova was infected with hepatitis C during an operation in the Ukraine in the 90s. In 2016 he managed to heal the virus, which was discovered very late, but as a result of the treatment he developed liver cancer.  Vova lives in Odessa, with his boyfriend Petja. Petja has been caring for him since he became ill. The cancer is now irreversible and can no longer be healed. The only thing that can save Vova is a liver transplant. Petja wants to donate part of his liver to Vova, and luckily they are a match. However, according to Ukrainian law, only family members are allowed to donate organs - yet gay marriage is forbidden. 

We are now left with only one choice if we want to save Vova: raise enough money to bring him and Petja to another country (currently we are hoping for Belarus, which is why we changed the amount needed from 60000 - as was the estimate for other countries - to 30000) and do the transplant there.  We need to pay transportation for a deadly sick patient and for Petja, as well as the hospital fees for his care. We have exhausted all available funds and all other options. 

Both Petja and Vova are seamsters and earned enough to keep them above water before the cancer finally tied Vova to a hospital bed. The hospital - after weeks of extorting as much money for as little care as possible, as tends to be the norm in Ukrainian hospitals - said there was little they could now do and Vova was taken home, where Petja tends to him.  The couple have run out of funds, and are no longer capable of paying for any further hospital stays, yet Vova's situation is deteriorating. 

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We must act fast if we are to have any chance of saving Vova. I have known him since I was a little girl of eight, nearly twenty years ago, when Vova made all the costumes for my mother's dance theatre in the Odessa Opera. Over the past twenty years, both my mother and I have come to love Vova deeply as one of the gentles and kindest men I know. Petja fell in love with Vova over ten years ago and they have been together ever since. It is not easy to be gay in the Ukraine and life there has not gotten any easier since the war in 2014.  

Petja would lose the love of his life and be left in debt as a result of hospital bills if Vova dies. 

Please, please help us raise enough money to allow Vova and Petja to grow old together. Share this call for help as wide as you can on social networks, to anybody who can help, anywhere.

Please... help us save Vova and send Donations to: Pearl von Herder: DE91100500001060967150,  Bic: BELADEBEXXX


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