The Pearl can't just tow our cars without fair warning. They need to make this right.

The Pearl can't just tow our cars without fair warning. They need to make this right.

March 4, 2021
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the Pearl Management
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Why this petition matters

Started by Angry Resident


On the week of March 1st, the Pearl management sent out last minute emails about power washing the garage and then towed dozens of resident vehicles without adequately informing the owner.  They also intend to make the vehicle owner pay for towing expenses.

By taking this action, we believe The Pearl Management:

  • have materially damaged resident property
  • and were negligent in attempting to contact residents and give adequate warning.  They could have easily called or knocked on doors instead of sending a last minute email.

We believe residents have:

  •  A right to fair warning and the safety of their property, including vehicles. 
  • That apartment management does not have the right to move our vehicles on their personal whim.
  • A good faith effort must be taken to inform residents if management needs to move our vehicles in an emergency.

What signing this petition does

It publicly demonstrates that you believe you have been wronged by the Pearl Management.  There were many cars towed.  If we all sign, ideally management sees the error of there ways and negotiates an amicable remedy to the issue.

If not, we will all be in contact to coordinate fighting any surprise bills as well as for repairs to damaged vehicles.  Furthermore, this petition could be picked up by local news outlets or other outside council if left unaddressed. 

After signing, you will get updates on any discussions with management that may come out of this through the updates on this site.  I will be posting regularly when this happens.

What you should do after signing

Document any damages to your vehicle.  Check alignment, check engine lights, damaged fenders, spotty transmission.  Write down and take photos of anything that happened.  This can be used in the future to make your case if necessary.

Contact me at if you have any questions.  

Do not donate, we do not want donations. will ask for a donation by default after signing and I can't turn it off.  Again, do NOT donate.

More Background & Context

The only warning given to residents were emails.  Some less than 16 hours before towing started at 9:00am for a floor.  This is a less than appropriate method of warning.  Many people do not check their emails after work hours, let alone every single day. The Pearl has access to each residents home apartment, license plate number, and cell number.  People parked in the garage are most likely home and could have moved the car if contacted directly. If a resident happened to be out of town for one day, their car would have been towed. This was not a good faith effort to inform residents.

Residents who's cars were towed, were never informed after the fact. Towing parked vehicles can lead to misaligned axles, damaged transmissions, and other high cost issues. If material damage was done to their car they do not know who or what towing company is responsible, who authorized the towing, or even if they were towed at all.  

To take potentially destructive action without contacting the owner of the vehicle, when you have direct access to the contact information and have used it for less serious situations, borders on negligence.

We are signing this petition because we want to give Pearl Management the opportunity to resolve these issues privately with residents, before attempts to resolve the issue publicly are taken.

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Signatures: 17Next Goal: 25
Support now

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