Improve Black Desert Mobile Global QoL to equal Asian releases

Improve Black Desert Mobile Global QoL to equal Asian releases

November 30, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Seth Arnold

The Black Desert Mobile Global community is asking for quality of life changes to make our release equal to the Asian releases.  We are the largest community of this game, providing the largest amount of income and we should not be treated as second class.

  • shakatu accessories
  • accessories can be bought and sold for silver (even the shop has some daily for silver)
  • items for black and white pearls
  • buying costumes with black pearls
  • elion's loot to have orange/red accessories
  • repeatable quests in elion to get lightstones and supreme stones
  • free class changes with new class releases
  • merchantry offers bp rewards
  • daily blazing chaos crystal in hadum loot and daily task
  • genoveva shop content differs greatly (KR/TW had pink grade gear on first appearance)
  • only t2 & t3 horse to tame in the field (we have t1 & t2)
  • permanent valor and outlaw map
  • KR gives 300 inv slots from starting, would be good for new players to manage stuff
  • auto hunting continues while playing arena and ramoness
  • increasing max stamina
  • adding more lvls to black spirit login rewards. increasing the quantity of stamps & tablets in bs quest
  • make cash items equivalent to korean prices
  • camp manager and black spirit plus for black pearls
  • more choice of costumes and head pieces
  • lots of items for silver and BP in the shop with limited daily purchase
  • more choice in the social token shop (ours is outdated for more than 6 months)
  • elion and hadum rewards are way more interesting (more items, also available at lower cp maps)
  • gear chests drop way more often in boss rush chests in other versions
  • not in game content but producers are way more committed on other versions of velia inn (costumes, fun backgrounds, etc)
  • patrigio offers more useful rewards on other servers
  • pets at morco during merchantry like KR
  • more relevant login and black spirit rewards
  • roadmaps shared with players regularly

These are some, but not all of the changes we seek in order to obtain the same quality of life as the Asian versions of the game.

Communication with your community is key!!!

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Signatures: 191Next Goal: 200
Support now