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Without Peace, the humans will be wiped out from the Biosphere.And to ensure Humans to embrace Peace,adoption of Peace Timecalendar in the world is the only option.

   My book of "PEACE TIMECALENDAR" is published by authorhouse,Bloomington,Indiana, USA which deals with detail justification of adopting 28days 13 moon months Peace Calendar.This book can also be ordered online site may be perused.This petition may kindly be sent to UN to consider the proposal( and adopt it to ensure continuance of humans in the Biosphere,so that TOMORROW of manklind is safe,secure and peacefuland Peace becomes an integral component for all kinds of human activities/professions. Further Peace Education be introduced from womb and continue till tomb.This proposal is pending with UN for more than 100 years.A copy of  my book of "Peace TimeCalendar" has already been sent to UN giving detailed justification of adopting Peace TimeCalendar.Realize & look around the world.With all material prosperity,our inner space is carving for peace.We suffer internally in spite of material prosperity which is aggravated by external space violence.Because the TIME is violent, all DEVELOPMENT in social,economic, technology,environment although progressing but backwardly is having serious DEHUMANIZING effect.With plenty of money power in fewer hands,ethics of life are lost for a happy & peaceful living.The dehumanizing effect is adversely question the future of humanity.I sincerely hope that every world citizen boldly and transparently urge upon UN to accept this PEACE TIME petition and promulgate PEACE TIME CALENDAR. Today in violent time, as number game is end in itself, I request each & every world citizen to SIGN this petition in millions FOR UN TO TAKE ACTION ON THEIR OWN PENDING AGENDA FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS to save the humanity through invoking PEACETIME CALENDAR.




  • Realize the Nature's angry& fury -more than-1000 people are dead on Sunday,23 Oct 2011 as earthquake jolts Turkey.This is the consequence of Violent Time and prelude to 2012,for which promulgation of PEACE TIME is urgently required by UN for security & Peace of Humanity. This is why I am created the petition and urge upon everybody in the world to sign the petition for UN to act immediately.If it is not acted upon, from 2012 onwards "creative destruction" of humanity will begin t0 wipe out humans ultimately from the planet earth.


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