Help share UNITED ALWAYS! Make this peace initiative global so it becomes a concept of Unity and peace used to create a commonality where communities can relate, connect & know UNITY is possible. "United Always" is where we continue building!

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After seeing so much violence and division that still exist today we know that a change is desperately needed in many areas. The peace initiative named PepRally4Life created the common phrase words to UNITED ALWAYS to assist in our efforts toward better community relationships.

PepRally4Life is asking us to all come together to lend a hand and create the Peace that we need. We are seeking a mutual respect for all of mankind.

Presenting UNITED ALWAYS as a common phrase is extremely important because today and everyday we are looking for something that unites us together and continues the forward process of healing.

UNITED ALWAYS will be a great continued effort toward our goal of greater peace. UNITED ALWAYS addresses all demographics and community issues. 

The time is now for us to create an atmosphere where we can all live peacefully in our respective neighborhoods and know that we have something in common.

In the midst of all the negative things that we hear about daily UNITED ALWAYS will be a breath of fresh air. The words from UNITED ALWAYS are heartfelt, profound words that can easily be remembered, thus recited & shared often at home, in schools, at sporting events and even in our places of worship. 

By becoming a common phrase UNITED ALWAYS would give us a greater sense of togetherness. It can also serve as another way to bring our law enforcement and communities together in a beautiful atmosphere of kindness, love & peace. 

UNITED ALWAYS is for everyone, everywhere from the White House to our house from the NFL to the kiddie league! 

Our name United States implies UNITY. Let's get to the business of being "We the people" proving from state to state and from city to city that we are in fact a nation of one. WE ARE The UNITED States of America!

                                            ****UNITED ALWAYS****
UNITED ALWAYS, yes life helps us choose......No matter the path, together we must win and not lose......UNITED ALWAYS, yes, around the corner kindness, love, joy.......The color, the time of UNITED ALWAYS...yes, it is you and it is I..........It is the world that surrounds us it is life.......We equal UNITED ALWAYS, yes, linked tightly together, let's never stop being great that's what winners do.........UNITED ALWAYS, yes, I think we are!

copyright  PepRally4Life, Cheering for Living!