Dear friends, PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Dear friends, PLEASE HELP!!!! This beautiful baby girl was born 23rd of Julay 2017. Her name is Zlata. Everything was good until a delivery day. I really don't know how to translate in English all diagnosis that she gets after a hard labor. But the thing is that Zlata cant see, can't hear and can't swallow. She has a big damage of brain and central nervous system. And she needs your help!!!!! Zlata can't wait, she doesn't have time. The treatment and recovery have to start as soon as possible. Most effective treatment and recovery have to be before she turns one year old. I spoke with her parents, they are trying to be strong, but their hearts are broken, and mine too. Im begging you, all my friends to DONATE AND REPOST!!!!!!!! If all of us put even 1$-5$ dollars, that can safe her life. It could happen to all of us. You never know what fate has been prepared for us.

To donate for Zlata
❗️ (Evgeniy Goncharov-family member)

Dollars Z328618708865
Euro E013561223837

Her mom, Irina Kriuchkova -
tel: +380962470077 (Ukraine)

Facebook group-

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