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Help keep Squash alive in Ipswich - the healthiest sport in town needs YOUR help today!

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The Squash community of Ipswich is looking for your help and support in stopping the Ipswich branch of PCYC closing 2 Squash courts and knocking them down to make space for an Aerobic gym area. The Squash Club has only just been advised of these plans, (that are going ahead in 2 weeks!) without any prior consultation with the Club or its members. From our understanding, no consultation has been made with any PCYC members either. 

Squash was once extremely popular, and after a few quieter years in the last decade, interest is picking up again with many people returning to the courts as well as many new players that have caught on to the massive health benefits and fun it provides. The infrastructure of the courts is crucial to our sport, we cant just move to another location, therefore maintaining what we already have available is paramount. 

Reducing the number of courts inhibits us from continuing to promote the sport, our annual Masters Tournament which draws many players from around the state coming to visit our City, would no longer be able to be held at PCYC, which would be disappointing to many. 

Our Brisbane Fixtures Competition may also be impacted as we are just in the process of establishing more teams in more divisions of the Competition and it would be devastating to those players who are training so hard to represent our Club at a higher level. 

I dont believe there are statistics or facts that support Ipswich PCYC's decision to replace the courts with gym space, of which there are already other rooms available within the centre that could accommodate aerobics classes (Jiu jitsu room, boxing gym, pilates room...). The costs associated with this demolition and construction would be far greater compared to the revenue that could be raised through promotion of Squash if they would give us a chance. 

So, please help us and show your support to keep all of our courts intact by signing this petition and forwarding it to friends and family that you think will also support us. 

Today: Ipswich PCYC Squash is counting on you

Ipswich PCYC Squash needs your help with “PCYC QLD: Help keep Squash alive in Ipswich - the healthiest sport in town needs YOUR help today!”. Join Ipswich PCYC Squash and 540 supporters today.