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Grant Lindgren
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The Little People of Manitoba (LPM) is petitioning for support of the Private Members Bill 216 put forth by the Hon. Jon Gerrard, which would see a additional category added to the Manitoba Human Rights Code so that physical size (example: dwarfism) and wieght, would become a category of persons protected against from discrimination.  Please sign our petition and email your MLA asking them to support Bill 216.  The window of opportunity is closing quickly and we need your support today.  Please read the two paragraphs below for more details.

The Manitoba Conservatives allowed this Bill to go to Public Hearings on October 31, 2018, but ultimately voted it down 6-4 at committee.  There is still a 6 day window of opportunity to have the Bill brought back to life.  By signing and sharing this petition, you can help protect all Manitobans from discrimination based on their size.

You can read Mr. Gerrard's Bill 216 here ...

Below is an excerpt from the The Manitoba Human Rights Code explaining which human characteristics are already protected from discrimination.  We only want to see one more category added at clause 9(2)(n) "pysical size or weight".

Applicable characteristics

9(2)        The applicable characteristics for the purposes of clauses (1)(b) to (d) are

(a) ancestry, including colour and perceived race;

(b) nationality or national origin;

(c) ethnic background or origin;

(d) religion or creed, or religious belief, religious association or religious activity;

(e) age;

(f) sex, including sex-determined characteristics or circumstances, such as pregnancy, the possibility of pregnancy, or circumstances related to pregnancy;

(g) gender identity;

(h) sexual orientation;

(i) marital or family status;

(j) source of income;

(k) political belief, political association or political activity;

(l) physical or mental disability or related characteristics or circumstances, including reliance on a service animal, a wheelchair, or any other remedial appliance or device;

(m) social disadvantage.