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Bring back non-diet soda to the snack shack.

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Normal soda was removed because there was complaints about the snack shack. I wasn't complaining! These so called complaints are few and far between as I see it.

I understand it is a privilege we have the snack shack in the first place, and appreciate it for how it is, but how it was is the best version of it.

The snack shack isn't for profit, it needs to sell normal pop to pay for school events, trips, and etc. There were no issues before selling normal soda... Why are their issues now?

If the reason wasn't complaint, and it was the health issues, there are multiple studies that definitely prove that diet soda isn't much better than normal. Such as this one , or this, and finally this one. Some studies even state that diet sodas can be more harmful to your health than normal.

Once you sell all of the diet soda, and read this petition and all who have signed it. I hope you reconsider your decision. In the past 2 weeks since the snack shack stopped selling soda, there has been a lot of students filling the void by selling normal soda, for profit, for themselves, at higher prices than the snack shack.

We need the competition to keep this under control, fund school events, and make everyone glad they can enjoy a sugary drink after lunch. Thank you...

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