Petition Update

PCC responds

Michele Scoleri
Seattle, WA

Jul 4, 2014 — Friends and supporters of women's rights,

Below is the response I received from PCC when I informed them of the petition to ban Eden Foods from their stores. Not a great response, but not surprising. You can help apply pressure to our hometown natural foods chain by spreading the petition via email and social media. I know I am not satisfied with this answer!

"Hi Michele,

Thank you for caring and writing in about this concern. As you know, PCC serves a very diverse customer base, with individuals on both sides of many issues.

While we personally may disagree with Eden Foods’ view, Eden also has been an industry leader for decades by advocating and maintaining the highest organic standards and by bringing BPA-free packaging to the U.S. market. PCC believes we can best serve our communities by focusing on providing healthy foods, without taking a stance on the politics of this particular issue.

However, we do encourage you to vote on this (and other issues) with your shopping dollars by supporting companies you like and believe in, and avoiding those you don’t. When products don’t sell well, they disappear from store shelves.

With appreciation,


Trudy Bialic / Director, Public Affairs / PCC Natural Markets / Seattle, WA / 206-547-1222"