The Beginning of Infinity: Documentary

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In 1980 PBS released the documentary adaptation of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. With immense scope and poetic oration Sagan captured the public's imagination. The series not only instilled a profound perspective on humanity's relation to the cosmos, but encompassed a sincere optimism for our potential.

Today, we need that well grounded sense of optimism more than ever. We believe an analogous adaptation of David Deutsch's The Beginning of Infinity would do just the trick. Equivalent in scope, Deutsch's work argues that not only are people significant in the grand scheme of things, but that our capacity for knowledge and creativity is, in principle, infinite. All of which is grounded in a rigorous exploration of the philosophy of science and the direct relationship between knowledge creation and progress.

We believe adapting David's work and bringing its vision to a larger audience will help instill that sense of optimism and belief in humanity's potential. Indeed, the adaptation would be a feat in itself and require such creativity the work champions. But if done right, with genuine craft and care, it has the capacity to inspire billions and many generations to come to aim for our full potential.