For PBS And Their UK Partners To Host A BFI Style Poldark S5 2019 Event

For PBS And Their UK Partners To Host A BFI Style Poldark S5 2019 Event

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Dear PBS, Rebecca Eaton and Mammoth Screen,

I am a passionate Poldark fan writing on behalf of the North America Poldark fans who are feeling left behind in comparison to our UK counterparts who are able to see the cast at premieres and television festivals. With Season 5 scheduled to be the last for Poldark, we believe 2019 is the perfect time to schedule an event where US fans can see their favorite lead actors, the crew behind the scenes, and supporting cast and say goodbye to the series. In past years, fans are well aware schedule conflicts prevented PBS from scheduling the Poldark cast to have their own premiere in the US the way Victoria Season 2 did in December 2017. Now that we know that the Poldark won't be filming in late 2019 or 2020, we all hope very much that you would do your very best to grant our wish as a special thank you to the fans who have supported you by watching each week and recruiting more viewers.

The driving force behind this petition, and previous efforts is the collective passion of Poldark fans across North America. We appreciate PBS and Masterpiece promoting Poldark on social media, member newsletters, and mass transit ads (at least in New York City) and the S4 screenings in some cities. This past summer I went on a Poldark/Cornwall tour with nearly 30 Americans. We had a wonderful time experiencing the beauty of Cornwall and seeing many Poldark filming sites. Other fans who were not able to make the trip are gathering at meetups across North America such as the upcoming Nampara Assembly. Our tour attracted the attention of local journalists and was even covered on BBC News Spotlight and ITV News. Many in the UK were shocked to find out Poldark in the US is short changed in terms of advertising. Although our tour missed the official Cornwall premiere by a day, the experience of being in the same place united by a love of Poldark fuels our desire for a truly spectacular effort for the final season of Poldark.

Although I understand that there are a lot of variables that may stand in the way, I hope you hear our concerns. Long range planning for increased promotion on social media and other forms for the final season are just as important as setting in motion a US cast appearance. A Poldark Season 5 event would the kind of gesture that would be received with sincere gratitude from the North American Poldark fandom. I know if you end up implementing some of these suggestions, I will be happy to increase my contributions to my local PBS station.


P.S. Here are the articles about the American Poldark/Cornwall tour: