PBS CEO Paula Kerger: Please Stop Promoting Killing Pet Domestic Rabbits For Food

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PBS states they offer programming that expands the minds of children, yet promotes Vivian Howard's A Chef's Life, Season 4, Episode 6 Rabbit: where the public and children can view a video on killing pet rabbits for food. Vivian Howard states she would like you to "Get Past That Whole Cuddly PET Thing" while promoting tame domestic pet rabbits as the meat of the future.  

You can view Vivian on video eagerly working with a man teaching the public how to slaughter pet domestic rabbits, a man that claims he "stuns" the rabbits by hitting them on the neck with his hand while stating they "calm down" when being hung by their feet - despite the
rabbit appearing in the video with its eyes wide open and ears erect before it's throat is slit. (the video does not show the actual killing). 

"The Circle of Life is Nature's way of taking and giving back life to earth", it is not humans deciding the fate of helpless voiceless animals while chuckles, smiling, laughing and disrespect of their lives are seen.