Say YES to forest town McDonald’s

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Plans have been submitted to build a two storey McDonalds restaurant and drive through at Forest Town in Asda car park.
This is very good news for Forest Town residents and for Mansfield as a whole for the following reasons:

The closets McDonalds is either Mansfield town centre or ollerton
Forest Town is closer for local resident and clipstone resident!

The retail park in Forest Town has been subject to Not enough fast food outlets!

The junctions of Sanderlings Way, The Ridings and Heatherley Drive are already easy to access due to the traffic flow from Old Mill Lane, New Mill Lane, Sandlands Retail Park and Asda. Increased traffic flows will Ensure that McDonalds will do well financially.
The development will attract more customers to the area.

Parents from Heatherley School use the car park to 'park and walk' to school which they shouldn’t so this will stop them from using Asda car park illegally.

The school will increase in capacity over the next 3 years and will require easier access to fast food restaurants for another 100 pupils. The Heatherley Drive estate is not equipped for this and the new McDonald’s will help with this!

we say YES to the McDonalds development in Forest Town.

We feel that the business model sited in the planning application is perfectly estimated based on the current customer levels seen at Nottingham Road. The plan for a large two storey building clearly shows that the intention is for this site to deal with more than local demand and become a destination restaurant for the chain. This will bring more money to our local economy and thus improve property value in the area.

We need you all to sign this petition so that we have a voice supporting the new McDonald’s development in forest town!

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