PayPal: Stop Facilitating Hate Group Fundraising

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NAZIs are attempting to establish a white supremacist, pagan community and compound in rural Meigs County, Tennessee and PayPal is facilitating their fundraising. 

Community members recently exposed that prominent white supremacists/NAZIs connected to the National Socialist Movement (NSM) have purchased 44 acres near Decatur, TN and named the project Wotan's Nation in reference to Norse God Wotan/Odin. They follow a white supremacist version of paganism, rooted in NAZI mythology, and call themselves "folkish heathens." Their public facing website disguises the project as a religious, cultural, and charitable project, but their history and ideology indicates more sinister intentions. 

Floyd Eric Meadows, one of the primary movers of the project, has a long history with NSM and other white supremacist groups which includes providing paramilitary training to those groups and the group's closed facebook group has indicated that they plan to, at minimum, provide hand to hand combat training. The closed facebook group had many references to white supremacist and NAZI ideology and imagery. 

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