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PayPal scams Streamers

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2 months ago I received 6000 donation and I've spent most of the funds (after I called in  PayPal and some lady told me that the sender can no longer refund), after 5 days that donation was refunded. I gave PayPal all the proof that the donator willingly gave me money and it was a donation, but I was told that PayPal seller protection does not cover donation, therefore I had to fill up my negative balance.

There is no way I could defend my self in that case. Donator said that it was unauthorized payment and PayPal couldn't do anything but proceed refund. The card was 100% not stolen, I got to know the person well enough to say that. I did a test with my friend, he refunded 1$ and PayPal said it was Unauthorized. At least make a real investigation if it's unauthorized instead of giving the false answer.

All the streamers use PayPal to receive donations now a days, and refunds cause alot of problems to streamers, so please let's work together to solve that issue.

Luckily with the help of nice people in the internet and my community I was able to return paypal more than 4000$.

With that being said. There should be protection towards streamers from PayPal.

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