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Autism smiles llc inc has had a PayPal account ever since we have open and had no issues until a week ago we went in to our account and we logged in everything was fine then 1 hour later i get a call from a client of mine having trouble with there PayPal account signing up adding info so they give permission for me to log in and help them then i add the info then they closed there accounts after private data was collected with no excuse and because i was helping fight for them we got flagged and then they asked us for identity info for the account and on top of that they asked for a full social security number while on the phone with public and clients and then they asked my ceo to verify the account with some questions and the ceo answered them right then PayPal called the CEO a liar and so i decided well i will contact the big wigs did me no good because they limited my account asked for data and the next day they said we are not doing your business model any more and then they closed the account for good leaving over $15,000 or more and will not release the money they are taking from the online school funding so the reason we have not been offering our services and products is because we were looking for a merchant we just found one been researching for days and hours so the point of this petition is i want people to help sign and share with others to get them top sign so we can get enough backing to get a lawyer to help us win the case against PayPal if you have been scammed speak up and sign leave comments below and help us get signatures heres more info go read all the recent post from users that they are all being scammed to we are not the only ones

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