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Payette Pitbull Rights

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The laws regarding Pit Bulls and other sub-breeds are poorly written and repeatedly contradict themselves. Dangerous dogs, excluding pit bulls, are dogs that have been on record for offense. These ordinances and regulations require that for a "dangerous dog," owners must pay one hundred dollars a year for licensing, but for a Pit Bull or any other sub breed owners are required to pay a mandatory five hundred dollars a year and on top of that carry a one million dollar pet liability insurance policy. Confined is a mandatory condition, even within the owner’s property. Laws stipulate that “confined” includes four walls, a roof, and a floor, despite the height of the walls. It is not right to put a price on a breed of dog. The county needs to revise these rules to protect everyone, including the dogs. The breed of the dog does not make the crime, the behavior does. I ask that the laws be set around the behavior not the breed. Licensing should be set at one hundred dollars for all breeds deemed dangerous and increased to five hundred when the temperament of the animal shows cause. An annual temperament test could be put in place. The five hundred dollar licensing should also extend to all breeds who have exhibited actions that are classified as dangerous and supported with an insurance policy.

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