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Petitioning Premier of Victoria Denis Napthine (Premier of Victoria)

Pay rise for pollies, pay cut for ambos?! That's a disgrace, Denis!


Premier Denis Napthine has just handed himself and his fellow politicians whopping pay rises of up to $25,000, even as our paramedics work hard to save lives on the lowest wages in the country.

To make matters worse, Napthine is refusing to pay our ambos fairly and actually wants to slash their pay. All while he’s earning more than $300,000 a year – and that’s before he’s even got his pay rise!

He won’t need to worry about supporting his family. But our ambos do, every single day. In fact, more than half of our ambos are ready to quit and move interstate over the next five years.

Tell Napthine that enough is enough. Tell him he needs to respect and value our paramedics right now – instead of putting ever more cash into his own pockets.

Please let all your friends, family and workmates know that Victorian ambos need their support, and keep up with the campaign to value our ambos on

Letter to
Premier of Victoria Denis Napthine (Premier of Victoria)
Congratulations on the recent pay rise you awarded yourself and your fellow State politicians.

Now isn’t it time you looked at other Victorians and recognised that they need a decent pay rise, too?

Our paramedics are the highest-trained but the worst-paid in the country, and you’re looking to slash their pay even further.

I’m signing this petition because I want you and your government to finally value our ambos and the important work they do, and value them the same way you value yourself and other MPs.

It’s time to respect and value our ambos.


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