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Pay reparations to Black Americans

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The following companies still in existence today that benefited and was involved in the African Slave Trade  

Bank of America found that two of its predecessor banks (Boatman Savings Institution and Southern Bank of St. Louis) had ties to slavery and another predecessor (Bank of Metropolis) accepted slaves as collateral on loans.    

JPMorgan Chase recently admitted their company’s links to slavery. “Today, we are reporting that this research found that, between 1831 and 1865, two of our predecessor banks—Citizens Bank and Canal Bank in Louisiana—accepted approximately 13,000 enslaved individuals as collateral on loans and took ownership of approximately 1,250 of them when the plantation owners defaulted on the loans,” the company wrote in a statement.

Wells Fargo – Georgia Railroad & Banking Company and the Bank of Charleston owned or accepted slaves as collateral. They later became part of Wells Fargo by way of Wachovia. (Also in the 2000s Wells Fargo targeted blacks for predatory lending.) 

How will these banks do it? Simple, we want these banks to give out business loans/free money to only blacks so we can establish businesses throughout America. Enough is enough. It is time for these banks to be held accountable for their active role in the slave trade and their continuous acts of discriminating against blacks. To Succeed we must be Unified an act Politically and Legally! This is an issue that all people should take a stand for regardless of Race Classification! This is about Justice, Admission of Wrong Doings and Atonement which will truly aid in Racial Reconciliation!  

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