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Pay Raise for Massage therapists working for companies

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Fellow Massage therapist,estheticians its time to make a change! Its time to fight for what our schools promised us upon graduation. An income to support our lives, with less hours then the typical sit down job, due to our heavy labor and maintenance. We are worth it! We are healing people on a daily basis and not getting appreciation from the work we do. These corporations charge a daily rate of about $80-120.00. fees per session to the public. What the public does not know, and needs to hear, is we the therapists only get a rate, at most companies, 16.00 to 18.00 per client session,and do NOT get paid a minimal wage for hours not booked.  A very demeaning number for the amount they charge, and for the amount of hours we studied this field, trained,certified, licensed, put intern hours towards, and not to mention have to maintain CEUs every two years that cost us near to about 1000.00,  In addition to our licensing fees and insurance fees. 16/hr doesn't pay the adult life's bills. We were promised a career, not a high school paying job or one with little to no schooling pay wages. 

These businesses need to realize they make a profit and maintain being a successful business because of the people working, standing on there feet all day, and keeping their clients needs maintained. People come in to see a therapist, not the front desk btw. Front desk receptionist are getting paid nearly the same amount as the therapists are, not fair by any means. You do not need a degree or certification and license to work a phone and a schedule application.  This isn't just a job, we went to college, some of us went for a full associates degree, for understandings of better pay and income. We demand to be recognized and respected for the work and education we received. We deserve better pay, to keep your businesses afloat. In a reference check, I observed an owner making (only from just one building of operation) 3 million dollars a year, you can afford to pay your therapist a reasonable amount. I did my research, now corporations, do yours. Pay us 30 to 40% . This will allow us an actual income for living life, not needing a 2nd/3rd job to keep up with bills. We Graduated and pay our do's to be licensed professionals. We have skills that are needed by the consumer. We are apart of the health industry. We deserve an income to not live life pay check to pay check. If you disagree with this concept, I urge you, nay I demand you to live a year with your best therapist yearly income and see if you have a struggle- free year.

Meet our needs, and we will be more then willing to be the Team you expect us to be.

Career, not just a job.


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