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Pay off Cattle Ranchers/Farmers to protect Brazil's Rain forest

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Let's establish a Brazilian Rainforest Trust fund.  A bank of money contributed by Nations, funds raised each year, and taken from investment interests that will be disbursed each year to the following:

1) Subsidies to be paid out to Brazilian Cattle Ranchers and Farmers who are currently burning up the Brazilian Rainforest to make grazing land for Cattle.  This incentive will be given with the understanding that they protect the Rainforest rather than burn it.

2) Funds to the Brazilian Government to enforce, surveil and protect the Rainforest by hiring park rangers who will live in them.

3) Support research, so teams of foreign scientists can set up permanent lab facilities in the Rainforest.  Their presence in the forest should give people pause against starting fires.

4) Develop eco-tourism that will bring hard cash into remote Rainforest destinations, and foster economies as an alternative to Beef and Soy.

5) Hire Lobbyists who will get bills passed in the US and EC, Asia and the Middle East to contribute to this fund, as well as work to enhance the value of an intact Rainforest to a current Brazilian Government who may not feel the same as we do.

One of the biggest causes of global warming is the burning up of tens of thousands of acres of Brazilian Rainforests each year to make way for Beef cattle grazing grounds and Soy agriculture.  Boycotts, legal actions, enforcement are well-nigh impossible because of the vastness and remoteness of the region.  But building an economy around the Rainforests, and populating it with people who will preserve it are very effective.

Since deforestation and the fires pose a double-whammy to Global Warming by destroying vegetation that convert CO2 to Oxygen and by the fires pumping vast amounts of CO2 into the air, this is a global concern, and merits commitments from National Budgets to stop.

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