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The School District of Philadelphia is STRUGGLING; be a good neighbor.  You can and should help.  Here are five reasons why:

1. The taxpayers of Philadelphia paid into the TARP, so you owe them part of the $25 billion owed to the U.S. Treasury;

2. You should invest in the future of your future employees, and the neighborhoods in which they live;

3. You're a neighbor, so you should invest in the community;

4. It would go a long way to repair the damage to residents who were victims of redlining, unjust rates, and civil rights discrimination by Wells Fargo; and,

5. It would also go a long way to repair the damage to Wells Fargo's reputation in Philadelphia, and nationally (i.e., it's just good, common-sense PR).

In light of breaking news regarding the Department of Justice filing, helping the SDP just makes good business sense.  Pay it back; pay it forward, Wells Fargo.

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