Pay In Protest: A Legislative Addition to Defunding the Police State.

Pay In Protest: A Legislative Addition to Defunding the Police State.

June 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brendan Hayes

After days of peacefully protesting for our brothers and sisters it is time for legislative action. The people need to tell their leaders that we are ready to find new avenues for protection. We will no longer be supporting an institution that was implemented to protect and to serve, but instead chose to sacrifice its integrity through murder and corruption. Taxes foot the bill for our police force and we DEMAND a better product.

Part of the solution is to write a weekly PAY IN PROTEST LETTER to your county treasurer (OR TRUSTEE) that reads below. Utilize it as a script for calling if no email is provided. The second part will be ensuring that we can have a conversation with our leaders about (firing, prosecuting, etc.) the cops who have infringed on the liberties of those they swore to protect. If we do not gain such a conversation, then we will have no choice but to protest again when yearly budgets are being made.  

Sign the petition if you agree to email, write a letter to, or call your County Treasurer. Please share the movement, or our peaceful protesting may be in vain. 


1. Head to your preferred search engine (Google, Bing, Etc.)
2. Type in the name of your county plus treasury department
         - ex. Kings County New York Treasury
3. Find a contact us page. 
4. Email them or call them immediately and do so every week until they are forced to either have a civil conversation about Police practices or make budget cuts to the Police Department.   


Dear (Insert County Treasurer),

I am willfully paying taxes to the government, but I am doing so under protest. At this time, I no longer feel the need to fund a police force that does not hold their fellow officers accountable. I would like to make my voice heard so that you understand we need a conversation about accountability within our police force. 

It is ludicrous that local and state governments collect over 194 billion dollars on police and corrections (Data from 2017), yet still cannot find the time or resources to discipline those officers who infringe on liberties of citizens they were sworn to protect. Allowing their brothers and sisters of the badge to go unchecked for wrongdoings towards humanity. 

As a taxpayer, I DEMAND a better product. As a taxpayer, I DEMAND that my police force does the bare minimum that their oath, "to protect and serve", promises

As a human being, I DEMAND that all human beings, regardless of shape, size, color, sexual orientation, or religion be FULLY recognized by our Police as NOTHING less than A PERSON. I want to find a solution that benefits all citizens equitably. If a conversation cannot be obtained, I will show up when budgets are being made to reiterate that I will not tolerate an abusive police force any longer. Thank you for your time, you will be hearing from me every week until the issue is resolved.


(Insert Name)

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Signatures: 4,811Next Goal: 5,000
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