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Wild Animals: Save, Conserve and Protect

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Feral animal literally means "wild" animal. The term introduced vertebrate pest species is actually more accurate and will be used in this paper, as it differentiates so called feral animals, birds and fish from native fauna.

There is a need for some special consideration of the ethics of vertebrate pest research for two reasons. Firstly, feral animals are described and legislated for as both "pests" and "noxious animals". Also, in much of the community, there is a perception that there is a reduced requirement for animal welfare and ethical consideration in dealing with these animals. (Use of feral animals in research | Animal Ethics Infolink. (n.d.).

Poaching is an illegal activity reported worldwide, with an impact against wildlife in the different geographic region ecosystems. The poaching related trade has intensified dramatically. The removal of animals from the wild for the pet trade is now considered a major threat to wild populations and animals have been exported so rapidly out of Southeast Asia to countries like the UK, US, and Japan that experts have coined the term “empty forest syndrome” to refer to the concomitant loss in biodiversity. (Giangaspero, M. (2014).

Although extinction itself is a natural phenomenon, it is today’s accelerated
rate which is not natural. Humans are altering the environment to such a degree
that many animals cannot adapt – therefore they die. Other species are being
illegally hunted or trapped at a rate that is also causing extinction. Oil spills,
pesticides, acid rain, and solid wastes are finding their way into animals’ diges-
tive tracts and skin, which is still another reason animals are disappearing from
our earth. If, in fact, wildlife is an “environmental barometer”, the human
species is also in trouble.
When a species is extinct, that means it no longer exists anywhere on the
earth; it is gone forever. Endangered animals are in danger of becoming extinct.
Threatened animals are animals that will probably become endangered unless
something is done to help them. (Shuffleton, A. (2002). An Interdisciplinary on Endangered Animals.)


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