Stop Animal Use and Abuse

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We don't own animals. We shouldn't decide what's their purpose and we take them for granted We view animals as objects. We don't have the right to use animals in any way we wish. We think that they can just reproduce their own kind. But we dominate animals easily,  even we don't need to. 

Animal abuse continues to happen to all different types of animals and in every corner of the world. People use these animals to experiment, to have something to wear, to eat, to transport from one place to another,  to earn profit, and for other entertainment purposes. We’ve already stolen much of their wildlife space for our own needs. These are just some of the common reasons why we use animals. Man is one of the reason behind to what these species are actually experiencing these past few years. 

Animals help us live. They need us to live also. Animals deserve respect and protection as well.  Some of these creatures are endangered and some go extinct. They wouldn't baheve badly if they aren't threatened.  We can't deny the fact that we,  human beings,  who should be the ones taking care of them made a great contribution to what they are experiencing right now. We made them to what they are right now. 

They need our help. The first step starts with us. Animals themselves can't end animal cruelty. We need let people who victimize our fellow animals know that it’s not okay. In order for them to have the freedom that they wish to have, letting them go and taking care of them would greatly help them. 

If you think you can't do anything,  well you sure have. And that has to deal with ending Animal Abuse. It's spreading awareness. Letting people know that animal cruelty does affect the numbers of these species would be helpful for them. 

We'll have more power to reduce and stop animal abuse if people become more aware about it.