Have Techland Games run the Dying Light Discord server

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The Problem: The Dying Light Discord server is currently run by a team of "Community Leaders" with some "Community Helpers" and "Volunteers". In reality, there is one owner with all permissions, Dan™#8888. All other members of the mod team share the same permissions, which are extremely limited. As evidenced by the raid a few days ago - mentioned more in the third paragraph, these permissions are grossly inadequate. 

Dan, the owner, runs the server as though it is his private fiefdom. Those who disagree with him are banned, as well as anyone he wants. Though Techland members are on the server, none of them are active and it's likely they don't notice or don't mind Dan's gross abuses of power, despite many being Community Managers. Furthermore, it's impossible to organize against this tyranny because Dan owns the Dying Light subreddit and the Dying Light Facebook Group. Anyone dissenting is banned and their posts are removed. 

On February 26 there was a massive raid on the server. Well over 200 @everyone pings were made. Every server owner knows to disable this, yet Dan for some reason did not. As a result, hundreds of people were pinged by a group of trolls saying things like "Hitler did nothing wrong" and "start the Holocaust again". The mods were unable to ban trolls or stop the raid, which tapered off but then resumed after an hour. 

The Solution: We want Techland Games to take control of the Dying Light Discord server and run it as many games companies do their own game Discords (Epic Games, IO-Interactive, etc). The moderators can be drawn from the community, but we would prefer that the owner be an actual employee of Techland. This is not an unreasonable proposition and in light of the recent raid, we believe it makes more sense than ever. Dan is, in addition to being biased and irresponsible, is also far too new to moderating Discord servers to properly represent this great community. 

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