Paw friendly ride

Paw friendly ride

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Why this petition matters

Started by pooja Sharma

Honourable Minister for Road Transport and Highway, 
Government of India

Subject - Requesting your direction for cab aggregators to include pet-friendly option. 

This letter is intended to bring to your notice, the problems faced by pet parents and animal rescuers in finding a transport at the right time. 

Some of us don't own a vehicle to transport our pets from one place to another and even if we do, there are times when a cab or auto comes in handy to reach a certain destination with our pets.
Various cab aggregators have gained tremendous popularity over the years because of their reliability, contactless payment options etc. But they seem to lack popularity among pet parents. 

Problems faced by Pet Parents
These are some of the common problems faced by all the pet parents and rescuers. 

- The rides often declined when the driver was informed about the pet despite making a mention of the need, leading to delays in reaching the clinics and hospitals on time.
- There are cases of harassment faced by dog owners/rescuers such as asking for double fares, verbal abuses etc.
- Private auto drivers are not reliable. 

Though the predicament of cab and auto drivers is understandable, a change is necessary, for every life counts. Sometimes it could be a pregnant dog going to labour/ an injured one/ any condition that needs immediate medical intervention or for other purposes.

The Need of the Hour
We, as a united voice, urge you to bring into effect certain modifications with respect to the cab and auto aggregators. 

- A filter that allows users to choose between non pet rides and pet rides and prices fixed for the same.
- We, the pet owners/rescuers, will bear the responsibility to clean up any mess that's been made by the pet/animal onboard.
- Ensure that the pet is under control and well behaved during the rides.

Samaritans do exist in this regard but if their number increases, it will be of immense help to us. It can help save our furry friends on time without having to worry about transportation. 

Looking forward for your positive response and direction.

Yours Sincerely, 

Pooja Sharma
Pet Parent

10,080 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!