Close Propagandist Telegram Channels

Close Propagandist Telegram Channels

4 марта 2022 г.
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Автор: Anna Muradian

Dear Mr. Durov,

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched an open, unjustified, and unconscionable war against Ukraine under fabricated pretexts. Today is the eighth day of Russia’s premeditated, unprovoked war on Ukraine. Early this morning Russian forces attacked Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine, causing a fire to break out at an adjacent training facility. This war is affecting not only Ukraine, it is affecting Russia and the whole world. It should be stopped immediately.

While the aggression escalates, the Russian Federation uses war propaganda and disinformation in social media against Ukraine, to justify the aggression and to support an image of its greatness and importance. Ukrainians are called "fascists" and “nazi”, misleading news and information about the situation in Ukraine are spread in anti-Ukrainian disinformation.

While Telegram still remains for a lot of people the only source of information, certain Telegram channels are increasingly becoming a source of unverified information and some of them are aimed at forming an image of the enemy and are used as a tool that may deepen conflicts. In order to contain Russia's war of aggression, every day, every hour counts.

We therefore are asking you help to end this war of aggression at least at social media level and to restrict the operations of the following Telegram channels, which spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda and disinformation, and mislead people about the current state by denying invasion:

Сolonelcassad // 
Мир сегодня с Юрием Подолякой //
Силовики //
WarGonzo //
Inside � Donetsk //
Kotsnews //
Народная милиция ДНР //
Beregini //
Кремлёвская прачка // 
Лига Джентльменов //
RIA_Kremlinpool //
Димитриев //
Рыбарь //
Карточный Домик //
� � Записки охотника. � �  //
Поисковик ZВИ ★ //

JokerDNR //
RT на русском //
РоскомнадZор //
Postovo //
Брюссельский стукач //
Russian OSINT // 
Миротворец // 
�Сводки ополчения Новороссии // 
Mash // 
Fantastic Plastic Machine // 
Помощь и освобождение // 
RW — Russian War // 
Война с фейками (Резерв) // 
 Ruzzian Orthodox Memez | ROM // 
Приднестровец // 
Рыбарь // 
Балканская сплетница // 
338 // 

We, people of Ukraine, are asking you to please consider this letter and take action against the anti-Ukrainian misleading channels. We strongly believe that the above mentioned channels will only strengthen further chaos and aggression. Your decision may save our lives.


People of Ukraine


Подписей: 30Следующая цель: 50

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