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Pausing Spanish Immersion Program for BPE Fall 2017

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Last week registration started for some incoming kinder families to enroll their child in the possible Futuro Spanish immersion pilot program for next fall at Bridge Point Elementary (BPE). The pilot program was developed for Cedar Creek Elementary with both a staff AND parent committee over a whole school year where a co-teacher was identified and a plan was presented to the Eanes School Board for their campus in February. In April, a parent-led lobbying effort started to expand this trial pilot to BPE with no BPE community input OR teacher involvement (it was not ready at Kinder Round-up). There are huge challenges to the rushed implementation of this pilot and serious concerns regarding the lack of specifics for our individual campus, the lack of specifics regarding the curriculum itself, and how this affects our BPE campus and students.  Forest Trail Elementary opted to not move forward because, “there is no longer sufficient time, resources or feasibility to include Forest Trail” in the fall 2017 pilot program. If Forest Trail doesn’t have time, how would Bridge Point, given the schools were on the same timeline? 

Additionally, one of our veteran kindergarten teachers - who as a team have over 40 years of combined experience at BPE kindergartener, 90 years total teaching experience - will be “re-assigned” with little, to no notice. Additionally, one teacher per year this immersion kindergarten class moves forward to the next grade will be “re-assigned” which presents teacher morale and retention issues. The teachers where not included in these discussions; the brave people who will be tasked with successfully implementing this program. 

Please sign this petition to stop the the fall 2017 Spanish immersion pilot implementation at Bridge Point Elementary. There are huge concerns with the rushed potential implementation of this pilot and a divide and confusion in our Bridge Point community. By signing this petition, I am advocating to slow down, let Cedar Creek complete a year of a pilot program, and give our campus, the Bridge Point community and most importantly, the teachers the time they need to implement this program successfully; something we can all stand behind.

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