Racial Profiled and Falsely Arrested

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I was racially profiled and put in jail last week. I wasn't going to share this because i was embarrassed but i changed my mind. 7:30 am i was on my way to get coffee in San Leandro across the street from my house when i was stopped. The police asked me was i drinking (blank stare because i just had woke up brushed my teeth washed my face on this cold Sat. Morning). I was confused because he asked me this question , it wasn't night time. After a series of test he told me i failed and called 4 other officers. ( i weigh 160 pounds , why would you call back up). He asked me to blow in the machine and it was 0.0. I thought okay he's finish. The officer kept checking my pulse( at this point my anxiety was at 100 and i was scared). I constantly put my hands in my jacket pocket because i was cold ( he kept saying we need to see your hands , i only had on a long summer dress and flip flops ,i threw on these clothes to run across the street, my braids tied in a scarf). Next thing i knew he said you are under arrest i believe you on on a drug called PCP, your heart rate is high and your eyes are big. Wow! He was towing my vehicle i begged the officer to allow my daughter to get it and i lived directly acrossed the street, he said NO. I was handcuffed and taken to Santa Rita. Crazy thing is I explained to this officer i have GRAVES disease and that my eyes bulged and i get nervous and that could explained why my heart rate was up and my eyes were big, not to mentioned i was afraid for my life being a African American female. I stayed in jail from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm and they took a blood test on me. I found out today ,of course i already knew that i was drug free and all this was because this rookie cop was showing his authority. I caught an uber home and was depressed for a few days. I decided to share with my friends because if this happened to me being a well spoken, 160 light skinned black woman i couldn't imagine how my black brothers fear their life daily from the police. Towed cars, embarrassing me in front of a community i lived at for 12 years,a coffee shop i walk to daily the only difference this day it was cold and i decided to drive. My doctor said to call my council man or the mayor and make a citizen complaint, i told him it wouldn't make a difference, The police get away with everything. I never thought the illness i fight daily and take medication for would place me in jail because of my symptoms i can't control.

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